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Erin Connolly Selected for NIH Training Grant in ImmunoEngineering

Congratulations to Erin Connolly, who has been selected for funding as a trainee on the ImmunoEngineering NIH training grant.

You and Some ‘Cavemen’ Get a Genetic Health Check

Evolution has improved upon the genetic foundations of human health, but could that have changed?

Predictive Powers of Gene Expression

Petit Institute researchers at Georgia Tech use a novel approach to predict disease risk in Crohn’s disease study.

Good News for New Assisted Reproductive Tech

Jordan lab research probes the safety of revolutionary mitochondrial replacement therapy.

Rojas-Pena Successfully Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Monica Rojas-Peña who successfully defended her dissertation yesterday: Gene Expression Profiling…

Lachance lab engaged in global effort

Georgia Tech researcher part of NIH-funded multicenter genetic study of prostate cancer in African men.

Looking Beyond the Structure

Genetics study shows a burden of rare mutations affecting how our genes are used.

Center for Integrative Genomics Gets a Reboot

Multi-disciplined faculty researchers form a nucleus of a re-energized research center.