Welcome to the Center for Integrative Genomics at Georgia Tech. We are a virtual affiliation of researchers interested in the application of genome-wide research strategies to diverse biological themes. In our center we – conduct quantitative genetic analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, metabolomes, and phenomes; foster partnerships within the School of Biology, across Georgia Tech, and with collaborators in the Atlanta region; and study the complex interaction between genes, culture, and the environment in an evolutionary context.


IDEaS Seminar Series: Integrative Genomics for Health Equity

Monday, March 20, 2021 | 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Credit: soepratman on Freepik

We are holding a one-day workshop addressing the computational and analytical limitations to the use of integrative genomics and multi-omic profiling to understand and promote health equity. As genomic analysis begins to transform healthcare delivery, by promoting personalized assessment of therapeutic intervention, it is becoming increasingly apparent that both social and genetic determinants of health need to be measured.  Equitable implementation of genomic medicine must evaluate the influences of ancestry as well as socioeconomic status alongside genetics, with effects mediated in part through gene expression and epigenetics.  This workshop will bring together 9 speakers who will present their views on how genomic and non-genomic data can be integrated to guide precision medicine of diverse human populations.  The focus will be on analytical approaches and big data handling needed to advance the field, namely on scientific concerns of interest to IDEaS, rather than social policy issues.

Workshop consists of three 2-hour sessions and a roundtable discussion followed by speaker dinner. 


The Center for Integrative Genomics was excited to host National Human Genome Institute (NHGRI) Director Dr. Eric Green on Monday, October 10th. 

Sini Nagpal Selected as Postdoctoral Semifinalist 

Congratulations! Sini Nagpal of the Gibson Group was selected as a postdoctoral semifinalist for the 2022 Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards for Excellence in Human Genetics.

Greg Gibson and Maggie Brown win the Project ENGAGES Student Mentor Award and Faculty Award

Congratulations to Greg Gibson and Maggie Brown for winning the Project ENGAGES Student Mentor Award and Faculty Award for 2021-2022.